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About The Day Tennis League

Forming New Teams

If a club is interested in forming a new team and joining the league, they simply need to contact Deb Dager at deb@debdweb.com.  In order to participate in the league, the club of the team must be able to provide the tennis courts and the tennis balls for at least half of the season’s matches.  There is a $30 fee per team to provide for the website, schedule creation, league management, and result posting. Provision of water and towels is also appreciated when hosting along with match beverages.

League Details

The Men’s Sunday matches are scheduled to begin at 9:00am, or 1:00pm if at Edgemoor home, on Sundays.  The match schedule starts late May through late July. The format of the Men’s A Division matches is 3 courts of singles and 2 courts of doubles where the top courts are the strongest.  The format of the Men’s B Division matches is 4 courts of singles and 3 courts of doubles where top courts are the strongest.  Approximately half of the matches are played at the home facility.  Review the Rules of the League for more information.

League History

The league has been active since the 1980s, and has had as many as 3 levels at times.  In 2017 the league switched to a new website (daytennisleague.com), formed 2 levels (A & B) and renamed itself the Day Tennis League.  At that time Deb Dager was enlisted to assist with the development of the website, match schedule creation, and posting of match results.

Past League Champions

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